The attorneys at Holley & Pearson-Farrer have decades of experience in helping municipalities protect and ensure the safety, availability, and affordability of the nation’s water supply. Our work has supported the construction and improvement of water purification systems, wastewater treatment facilities, and the critical infrastructure that brings potable water and sewage treatment to communities.

H|PF has served as bond counsel to the City of Chicago for many years and assisted in financing billions of dollars in issuances of water revenue bonds to finance improvements to and extensions of Chicago’s municipal water system that supplies the City and 120 suburban communities, as well as wastewater transmission revenue bonds to finance capital improvements to and extensions of Chicago’s sewer system, which serves approximately 2.7 million people.

Additionally, the attorneys at H|PF have experience counseling local governments and special-purpose government agencies across the nation that treat wastewater, dispose of solid waste, and manage stormwater.

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